Small but usefull programs

QRD v1.1 beta 

Win 2000 and higher

This command-line utility perform recursive deletion of specified directory by 3-6 times faster than standard system command "rd /S /Q". Can optionally overwrite file's data with random bytes and remove files during system-boot stage (usefull for locked file).
Download 8 Kb

CPU limit v1.1 beta 

Win 2000 and higher

This program allow limit CPU usage by any other program. This can be usefull for example for those users, who use distributed calculations clients and have problems with CPU overheating.
Download with sources 13 Kb

AntiSpoof v1.1 

Win 98 and higher

This utility can update specified ARP entries in local ARP table every specified interval of time (100msec by default)
Download with sources 19 Kb

Make hard link v1.0 beta

Win 2000 and higher

Console utility allowing to create NTFS hard links to files
Download 16 Kb

Segment downloader v1.0 beta

Win All

This utility allows download files from some sources at one time, usefull when downloading files over slow network or to rescue damaged files from diskettes. In this case you should have at least 2 damaged files and program will combine they to one.
Download 290 Κα
Download sources ( Borlans C++ Builder 6.0) 9 Kb

IRC file transfer v1.2.1

Win All

This program can be used to transfer files between two IRC users. When all other ways are not possible. For example when firewall disables all traffic. This utility using UUE encoding, then sends file by number of bots to receiver bot of other user.
Download 422 Kb
Download sources (Borland C++ Builder 6.0) 20 Kb

CryptoIRC v1.0

Win All 

IRC client with password encription support. Use it to avoid sniffing of your private talking both by hackers and IRC server administrators ;-)
Download 300 Kb

ServerInfo v1.0


This small conslole program report all possible information about LAN SMB server. Such as DNS,IP, MAC addresses, services, system time, userlist, all sessions estabilished from network, all shares (and hidden).
Download with sources 25 Kb

ShareList v1.0

Win All

Console utility,  displays all shares (and hidden) of LAN SMB server.
Download 28 Kb

KillAlarm v1.0

Win All

Very simple alarm. You can specify some times to alarm, and some files to play on alarm. Files from will be choosed randomly and played by other program, assotiated to play they (for example mp3 by Winamp)
Download 260 Kb

TaraQuake v3.3

Win All

DOS game. Using SVGA VESA mode 640x480x16bit. You should to eliminate all  bugs on the screen ;-).
Download with sources 1200 Kb

Obsterva v1.0

Win All

Windows IRC bot. With sources.
Download with sources 1600 Kb