Download HotKey Manager v1.70

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Hot Key Manager -  allows to use hotkeys for such thinks as system power control, volume level change, Winamp control, etc. Also it can create up to 4 virtual desktops under different user accounts (Win'NT/2000/XP), minimize windows to system tray, control always on top attribute of any window, can change tranparency level of eny window in Win'2000/XP, lock desktop whith password, start screensaver, control CDROM door and many other system control functions.


Volume level control Default:Win+[ARROW UP-DOWN]
Winamp control. Winamp 3 supported. Default:Ctrl+Alt+[B,N,C,X]
Logoff,Reboot, Shutdown -Ctrl+Alt+[L,R,S]
Startup applicaton, internet sites, documents by hotkeys (up to 128 hotkeys).
Hide any window to tray by hotkey or clicking right button on it's minimize button.
Toggle always on top of any window by hotkey or clicking right button on it's maximize button
Kill active process by hotkey or clicking right button on close.
Transparency level choosing by hotkey
Up to 8 virtual desktops under Win'NT/2000/XP under different user's accounts (except NT 4.0)
Desktop switch panel with skins witch may also used as clock, allowing to free place in sysem tray area.
XScroll mode - cscrolling windows whithout activating.
CDROM control, startup screensaver
Layout changing
Can make desktop icons text transparent.
Clipboard stack. (Up to 8 clipboards.)
Automatic mouse cursor moving between opposite screen sides.
Automatic corrections of priority and tranpsrancy level of any created windows.
Desktop password locking (works on all Windows except Windows NT 4.0)
Hang-up all dial-up connections
Execute commands from clipboard
XMove mode allows move any window from any point with pressed Alt key.
Quick changing priority of any window's process by hotkey
Scroll any window by pressing right button and moving mouse
Autotext feature allows predefenite entering text strings by hotkeys (up to 128)
Allow using of extended keys of multimedia-keyboards in hotkeys combinations
Multilanguage customizable interface