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This program can be used both as simple and easy in use WIndows Network Neubourhood substitude with many usefull functions, and also as powerfull administartion tool. It use hostlist file where all network information is stored.  Also it regulary check for online hosts by pinging or port scanning, NetView has an API interface allowing to use plugins and integrate with other programs.


Using of file where all network information is stored and regular rechecking of hosts's state by PING, port scaning and sending ARP requests allows to see ALL computers of network even if usual network browsing is not correctly functioning. You can adjust program setting to achive maximum starting-up speed or even start it as service.

Plug-ins support. As result - practically unlimited possibilities of the extention of the program. Some small plug-ins are installed with NetView, other you can find on the web-site

Support pascal-like scripts using most of the possibilities of the plug-ins API interface. Innerfuse Pascal Script Engine is used .

There is API for referencing to given NetView from outside programs. Also NetView allows other program to keep absolutely any information about hosts due to special organizations of hostlist.

Can work as service under Windows 2000/XP/2003. No additional programs is required for installing NetView as service - this possibility is included in the preferences window of NetView.

Can be used as tool for creation network map. NetView can show hosts as animated or static images (gif and bmp formats supported) placed on any background image. You can also add colored lines and rectangle areas on the map and set any texture on background.

Can open hosts by their names or IP addresses wich can be much faster on some systems like Windows 2000.

Can open also HTTP and supports FTP transparently as NETBIOS when searching resources or files.

You can set individual settings for checking hosts states (using ping, port scanning, or simple dependency on the state of another host

Popup menu Shares with the list of shares and 1st level FTP foders on the host. Quick and very handy when browsing network. 

Use can get much information (like IP and MAC addresses, LanMan information, opened ports) about any host using right-click/Properties.

Opening of the computer occurs in different thread to prevent locking of the program interface

NetView can recheck states of the hosts every specified time interval.

You can monitor different services or simple state of the hosts by choosing what ports should be scanned on recheck or simple use pinging host to determine is it online.

Program can be minimized to the system notification area (near tray-clock).

Can display hosts in different color depends on its states.

Built-in NetSearcher - searcher of the files and folders on the network NETBIOS and FTP resources. Can generate filelist in HTML or any other kind (templates and scripts support) - you can orginize global LAN searching engine using NetView NetSearcher. 

Built-in NetWatcher - monitor of NETBIOS connections with possibility of logging all resources accessing and manual and automatical kicking-out undesirable users.

You can quickly hide\open shared resources.

NetWork Scaner wich can scan ranges of IPs with many scan modes - TCP, UDP, PING, ARP, DNS quering. You can find all hosts of you network with it and then add they to the main hostlist using context-menu.

IP logger show all opened ports and estabilished connections, can also logs they to the file. 

PortListener (not work on 9x) - this tool can be used as simple detector of port scanning. Scan chaser will powerfully obstruct hacker's life. PortListener can start scripts to serve connections and emluate services or trojans. Also this feature can be used to write your own implementation services. By the way simple HTTP server script is included with NetView. It can be used to access HTTP resources (HTML pages, files for downlod) on your computer from remote hosts.

Terminal can be used to connect to remote ports then send and receive data via TCP connection. It supports scripts.

ShareScaner quickly creates full NETBIOS and FTP network resources list

NetMessenger - is GUI substitute for command line "net send" with some extra features.

TraceRoute - simple GUI tracert with advanced possibility to trace route by sending TCP SYN packets.

You can view hostlist as detailed grid, list, visual map or even automatically create route-map (using traceroute)

Port mapper - simple tool, allowing redirect connections to specified ports from your computer to another with logging of all transferred data.

* - recommended for Windows NT, 2000, XP
**- works only in Windows NT, 2000, XP


v2.94 [20.03.2006]
  • [FIXED] Starting of NetView on the system with working beta version of KIS (Kaspersky) could cause network down
  • [FIXED] Incorrect lines moving on Visual Map
  • [FIXED] Hosts positions on Visual Map and Plan was not matched
  • [FIXED] NetProxy: local address was not saved in presets
v2.93 [08.03.2006]
  • [FIXED] XP/SP2 compatibility without patching of tcpip.sys (only if NetView started with Administrator's privileges)
  • [FIXED] Crashed on exit if there was no opened NetWatchers
  • [FIXED] After first recheck with enabled RAW sockets and disabled ping recheck own system was shown as offline
  • [FIXED] Possibly recheck hung with enabled RAW sockets and WinPCap and active dial-up connections
  • [FIXED] Possibly recheck hung with enabled PING mode, zero requests interleave and hosts count more than ~2000
  • [FIXED] Memory leak when using WinPCap and active dial-up connections
  • [FIXED] TCP-SYN when RAW sockets used now more correct
  • [FIXED] NetView was failed to create swapfile error when tring to start NetView under user that don't have write access to NetView directory
  • [FIXED] Menu images was drawn on the white background on the some systems
  • [FIXED] Network scaner: Ports range validation was performed for scan methods that don't require port ranges
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: When Autoseach on was enabled and schedule field was empty then NetView shows Division by zero errors (was fixed on the next day after 2.92 released)
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: some problems with FTP search
  • [FIXED] NetProxy: NetView can crash if some connection remain active on the NetProxy close time
  • [FIXED] Scripts: DeleteTooOldHosts.nvs had sintax error (was fixed on the next day after 2.92 released)
  • [ADDED] Toolbars
  • [ADDED] Ability to change default list settings
  • [ADDED] Checkboxes in the coluems list (to show or not specific columns)
  • [ADDED] Now scan with recheck enabled by Resources Scaner and NetSearcher affects whole hostlist
  • [ADDED] Resources scaner: Tree context menu item that allows rescan selected host
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Filelist priotity sorting by found time
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Record total found files size into host's metavariable srchsz_PRESETNAME
  • [ADDED] NetProxy: http proxy authorization
  • [ADDED] Scripts: HTTP.nvs now allow restict access to specified files/directories by enabling HIDDEN or SYSTEM of file/directory and now has minimal .htaccess support
  • [ADDED] Scripts: Added scripts to scan UDP ports 137 (NetBios Name Service) and 53 (DNS). Scripts (if enabled) detects real services on UDP ports, script for 137 port also resolves hostnames and detects browsemasters of windows network groups
  • [ADDED] WebCenter: Reload CMS (http://reloadcms.com) included into NetView distributive
  • [CHANGED] Faster large hostlists loading
  • [CHANGED] Better NETBIOS hostnames resolving
  • [CHANGED] Port scan lists now splitted to 2 directories - Portlist\TCP and Portlist\UDP
  • [CHANGED] More reliable backup of .nvh and settings files and automatic restoring after file-system failure
  • [PLUGINS] Added plug-in Wake it up! for remote computers start-up by using Wake-On-Lan technology
v2.92 [29.05.2005]
  • [FIXED] Program stability improved
  • [FIXED] Bug in sublist creation, that sometimes caused creation of copy of existing sublist with the same name
  • [FIXED] Some bugs with AlwaysOnTop windows - hints of some ListView's was not displayed, MiniMap window lost AlwaysOnTop attribute after opening second MiniMap
  • [FIXED] Some bugs with list rendering
  • [FIXED] Tray icon was buggy
  • [FIXED] Win'9x: NetView saved its settings in incorrect place sometimes
  • [FIXED] Network scaner: Scan of online only hosts option worked incorrect
  • [FIXED] Resources scaner: Checkboxes of sublists was reset on NetView startup
  • [FIXED] Scripts: HTTP.script causes slow netbios connection to machine where it was active
  • [FIXED] NetMessenger: monitoring caused NetView to crash after some time after disabling any network interface
  • [ADDED] NetView WEB Center, that allow viewing hostlists, network resources and search for files with browser
  • [ADDED] Optional using of WinPCap driver instead of RAW sockets. Usefull for systems in wich RAW can not be used (WinXP/SP2)
  • [ADDED] Network enumeration timeout for Refresh
  • [ADDED] Open/Close NetView window by single click on tray icon
  • [ADDED] Possibility to change font of computers labels in Visual Map/Plan modes
  • [ADDED] TNVAREA in the script engine
  • [ADDED] Visible hosts count in status bar
  • [ADDED] Selected hosts count in status bar
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Possibility to select sublists for autoimport
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Checkboxes in HostTable, that allows disabling searching on specified hosts without deleting them from hosts table
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: New scripts type - managing (old now called dispatchers)
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Can execute some scripts simultaneously
  • [ADDED] Resources scaner and NetSearcher: Possibility to set interval of autostart scan/li>
  • [ADDED] Resources scaner: Excludes filters
  • [ADDED] Resources scaner: Show both hostnames and ip addresses
  • [ADDED] Resources scaner: Option to retrieve HTML titles on HTTP servers
  • [ADDED] Resources scaner: Options Recheck now works for load from cache too. In this case only those resources shows, that located on currently online hosts
  • [ADDED] NetProxy: SOCKS5 with authorization
  • [ADDED] NetProxy: HTTP(S) proxy (still without authorization)
  • [ADDED] NetProxy: Options presets
  • [ADDED] NetWatcher: Scripts
  • [ADDED] Scripts: Many usefull functions added
  • [ADDED] Scripts: HTTP.nvs now can execute php scripts. This requires installation of PHP and setting-up path to php interpreter in http.nvs
  • [ADDED] Scripts: Added script DeleteTooOldHosts.nvs
  • [ADDED] Scripts: Added script EditAnyVar.nvs
  • [ADDED] Scripts: Added script NetWatcher\FreeResourcesForThis.nvs
  • [ADDED] Scripts: Added script NetWatcher\KickGreedUsers.nvs
  • [CHANGED] Default sublist name was changed to MyNetwork
  • [CHANGED] Now only DLL filenames showed in plugins configuration window instead of full pathnames
  • [CHANGED] NetSearcher: More simple filters editing
  • [CHANGED] Resources scaner: Now for cheching writability of chare scaner creates folder with fixed filename, instead of random
  • [CHANGED] Resources scaner: Now filters must be full masks, that includes * and ? charachters
  • [CHANGED] Traffic redirector was renamed to NetProxy
  • [CHANGED] Win'9x: Maximum connections count now depends on MaxConnections value in registry (see http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=http://support.microsoft.com:80/support/kb/articles/q158/4/74.asp&NoWebContent=1)
  • [CHANGED] Win'9x: PortListener was enabled
v2.90 [05.12.2004]
  • [FIXED] If program settings was changed during host's recheck Last change value was changed incorrectly (metavariable lchtm)
  • [FIXED] RAW didn't work under Win'XP (RAW sockets used in RAW sockets recheck, recheck by IP packet and traceroute in TCP SYN mode)
  • [FIXED] SpinEdit's values was reset to zero by pressing Enter on it
  • [FIXED] Many hints was not displayed when NetView runs as service
  • [FIXED] When ausosplit by IP address was enabled then those hosts that hasn't IP was moved to hostlist 0.0.0.x
  • [FIXED] Hosts's caption in Visual map/plan modes now calculated exactly as string length of current host's caption
  • [FIXED] When exporting visual plan to image texture.gif was used as background instead of texture_plan.gif
  • [FIXED] When exporting visual plan host's position was shifted on exported image
  • [FIXED] Some resources leaks
  • [FIXED] Some individual rechecks per host was occured for hosts in linkages when initiating infividual recheck
  • [FIXED] Tracing route on route map could never finished, some other proglems fixed with tracing route map
  • [FIXED] When Area's label was edited some-times edit fields was not visible
  • [FIXED] htmlreport.nvs was generated html filelist with URLs that Opera can't open
  • [FIXED] Win'9x: Hostlist couldn't be saved
  • [FIXED] Win'9x: Hosts didn't open
  • [FIXED] Win'9x: Problems with russian hostnames
  • [FIXED] Win'9x: ARP scan didn't work
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: Incorrtect sort by filenames
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: Didn't search in FTP folder if path cantained spaces
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: Didn't filter by hostname with 'Skip if path include' option when searching in FTP
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: Incorrect deletion of more than one file at once
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: Filelist was generated with URLs that Opera can't open
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: When generated filelist by script filetimes was stored as GMT
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: Win'9x filelist refresh mode didn't work
  • [FIXED] NetWatcher: Executed files was shown as shares
  • [FIXED] NetWatcher: Memory leak
  • [FIXED] NetWatcher: Under Win'9x didn't show opened files
  • [FIXED] Network scaner: Some bugs with sability and speed of TCP scan with enabled hostnames resolving
  • [FIXED] Resources scaner: Memory leak
  • [FIXED] NetMessenger: NetView crashed when sending too long message
  • [FIXED] Traceroute: 'List index out of bounds' error when copy results to clipboard
  • [FIXED] Traffic redirector: Some problems
  • [FIXED] Scripts Editor: Interface much faster and less buggy
  • [ADDED] Metavariables with names beginning with ! now stored during work to special temporary file
  • [ADDED] Resources menu caching (to metavariables !nbcache and !ftpcache). Cached resources labeled in list with red points
  • [ADDED] If press Shift during righ-click on selected hosts submenu Resources will not displayed
  • [ADDED] New command in Edit host\Advanced\Open command - "netsend:..." for opening NetMessenger's window by doubleclick on host
  • [ADDED] Context menu dublicates in Action menu
  • [ADDED] German localization by Prister
  • [ADDED] Alternative hostname-by-IP resolvimg method - via NETBIOS. Resolving settings (Standart, NETBIOS and combinations) - Preferences\Recheck. See help for details
  • [ADDED] Option of hide host's caption in Visual Map/Plan. In Settings menu
  • [ADDED] Try ARP request if ping recheck failed option in Preferences\Recheck for detecting state of firewalled hosts in your segment
  • [ADDED] Success recheck method indication in Connection column: (S)-scan, (P)-ping, (A)-ARP
  • [ADDED] Windows TCP/IP stack optimization in Preferences/Recheck
  • [ADDED] Simultaneously opened sockets limit in Preferences/Recheck. Usefull to decrease network and system overload whan recheck large networks
  • [ADDED] It is possible now to specify special texture for list/detailed view modes - just create file texture_list.gif in theme directory
  • [ADDED] Possibility to edit standart settings of newly added hosts. Preferences/Hostlist
  • [ADDED] Copy selected text from hostlist to clipboard
  • [ADDED] Closing tabs by clicking with middle mouse button on them
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher and Resources scaner: Expand all and Collapse all in context menu of tree views
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: No filelist mode. All results of searching can be saved only by scripts
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: New variables when saving hostlist by template: %pathurl% и %pathnameurl%
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Extended PHP searcher engine by Kostuchenko Abton: searcher_php_2.zip
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Extended PHP searcher engine by Alexey Petrov: searcher_php_3.zip
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Пункт меню файллиста KillCopy для копирования файлов прямо из списка или дерева
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Теперь ругается если нажать на Старт а на закладке фильтры не указано ни одной маски поиска
  • [ADDED] Network scaner: При сохранени результатов в .txt файл сохраняются так же настройки сканирования
  • [ADDED] Network scaner: В выпадающем списке запоминаются 16 последних диапазонов сканирования
  • [ADDED] Network scaner: Колонка Responce при добавлении хостов в хостлист опционально сохраняется в переменную sc_resp
  • [ADDED] Network scaner: Колонка Port при добавлении хостов в хостлист опционально сохраняется в переменную sc_port
  • [ADDED] Resources scaner: Определение прав доступа на FTP
  • [ADDED] Resources scaner: Определение HTML заголовка ответов HTTP серверов
  • [ADDED] Resources scaner: Список хостлистов которые нужно сканировать
  • [ADDED] Resources scaner: Помимо ShareList.txt теперь так же сохраняется дерево шар в ShareTree.txt
  • [ADDED] Resources scaner: Автосохранение последних 10 масок сканирования
  • [ADDED] Resources scaner: Автооткрытие при запуске НВ если список времен для автозапуска сканирования не пуст
  • [ADDED] NetMessenger: Индикация иконкой в трее о приходе сообщения
  • [ADDED] NetMessenger: Возможность посылки сообщения сразу на несколько адресатов. Адресаты разделяются ; или ,
  • [ADDED] Scripts: Поддержка работы с БД из скриптов через делфийные классы TTable, TDatabase, TQuery и BDE
  • [REMOVED] Option 'Show shares count' was removed from recheck settings. Use plugin 'Workstation info' for this
  • [REMOVED] Option 'Advanced search' was removed - now it is always Advanced
  • [REMOVED] Resources scaner: Scan with many username tries
  • [CHANGED] New general interface images (by Vegiev Ruslan Stanislavovych)
  • [CHANGED] New hostlist can be saved during recheck
  • [CHANGED] Advanced search improved: now searchs by all visible columns and search is more 'intellectual'
  • [CHANGED] Hostlist refresh speed is improved by using multithreading IP addresses resolving (10 parallel threads)
  • [CHANGED] Dynamic 'IP address' option behaviour changed
  • [CHANGED] Hosts colors (and list background) now moved from general program settings to individual hostlist settings
  • [CHANGED] Now for edit, recheck, move area in Visual Map click on it's label instead of entire area
  • [CHANGED] When area added it is autimatically edited
  • [CHANGED] Improved recheck by port scan without using of RAW sockets
  • [CHANGED] Optimization of hostlist loading and saving
  • [CHANGED] Metavariabled route and dwlnk was renamed to !route and !dwlnk
  • [CHANGED] Less HDD usage on loading
  • [CHANGED] ethcodes.txt updated
  • [CHANGED] NetView and plug-ins use different INI files
  • [CHANGED] New netView functions call method in pulg-ins API NVPLUGINGOINFO::NVUPCALL, it is preferred more than SendMessage
  • [CHANGED] Win'9x: Allowed recheck by port scan
  • [CHANGED] NetSearche: When adding from hostlist hosts without enabled FTP or NETBIOS are not added
  • [CHANGED] NetWatcher: NetWatcher not don't extract icons from all files in log on load. It does this when icons are painted first time
  • [CHANGED] NetWatcher: Now those who in keep-list don't kicked by Kick by maximum connections option
  • [CHANGED] NetWatcher: Now newly connected users kicked by Kick by maximum connections option
  • [PLUGINS] Start commands: command format changed (see internal help)
  • [PLUGINS] Workstation info: Fixed - Automatic information updates was blocked by manual update
  • [PLUGINS] Workstation info: Now it is possible to change metavaiables names where to store information
  • [PLUGINS] Workstation info: Added option of count resources count
  • [PLUGINS] Workstation info: Added option of quering OS version
  • [PLUGINS] Workstation info: Added option of quering hosts comment
  • [PLUGINS] Workstation info: Added multithreaded quering
  • [PLUGINS] Workstation info: Added query information after individual recheck
  • [PLUGINS] Alerter: Added resources scaner scan finished notification
  • [PLUGINS] Alerter: Added possibility to insert any metavariables text to said/popups text
  • [PLUGINS] Alerter: Added button to check what voice engines are installed in system
  • [PLUGINS] Alerter: Added button to test voice settings
  • [PLUGINS] Shutdown it!: Correct authorization by host-stored lgin/password
  • [PLUGINS] Shutdown it!: Added possibility to automatically recheck hosts state after shutdown timeout+ 60 seconds
  • [PLUGINS] Tray network: Now don't blocks menus
  • [PLUGINS] Tray network: Now show FTP resources too
  • [PLUGINS] Tray network: Images used from NetView interfaces
  • [PLUGINS] New plug-in - DNS query
v2.81 [03.05.2004]
  • [FIXED] Sume bugs in English.chm
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: preset was duplicated having saved 2 times
  • [FIXED] Unlink selected/all didn't resets selection of linked hosts
  • [FIXED] Bugs in Edit hostlist entry dialog
  • [FIXED] Scripts: Fixes of htmlreport.nvs
  • [FIXED] Plugins: Fixes of Workstation info (now v1.3). It crashed if userlist was too long
  • [FIXED] Windows FTP resources caching was eliminated
  • [ADDED] Option for changing timeout of FTP operations in Preferences\Options
  • [ADDED] FTP connection mode preferred method option
  • [ADDED] Detecting and showing in ShareScaner and Shares menu HTTP resources. Can be enabled on Preferences/Opening
  • [ADDED] NetworkScaner: De-duplicate names option
  • [ADDED] ShareScaner: resource tree
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Option of maximum folder depth
  • [ADDED] Plugins: Новый плагин - Shutdown it! - shuts down remote systems from context menu if enabled administrator privileges
  • [CHANGED] NetworkScaner: IP range  up to 255 is valid now
  • [CHANGED] NetSearcher and Resources scaner: Increased maximum scan threads count to 255. But i'm not recommends to use high values
  • [CHANGED] ShareScaner: Column autowidth was removed
  • [CHANGED] ShareScaner: Renamed as Resources scaner
  • [CHANGED] TraceRoute: Results appends to existing file on saving, not overwriting old results
v2.80 [26.04.2004]
  • [FIXED] Alert highlighting wasn't cancel by mouse click
  • [FIXED] Impossible to start updated 2.79 version of NetView on Windows'9x
  • [FIXED] Improoved scripts perfomance and stability
  • [FIXED] Script error with handling TNVHost.GetMetaVar
  • [FIXED] Recheck procedure in NetSearcher и ShareScaner wasn't correct if ping and scan method was enabled - in this case host was rechecked only by scan
  • [FIXED] Some bugs with closing MDI windows
  • [FIXED] It was possible that some hosts with the same name, different only by case, could present in hostlist
  • [FIXED] Hosts with disabled recheck couldn't be switched to offline by scripts or plug-ins
  • [FIXED] Opening host's properties sometimes was very long
  • [FIXED] Bugs with rendering of Visual map\plan under Win'XP/2003 systems
  • [FIXED] Hosts positions was lost when Hide offline option was enabled
  • [FIXED] Sorting hosts placed on Areas caused lost hosts-areas structure
  • [FIXED] Date-time columns was not correctly sorted
  • [FIXED] Some errors with casting from string to integer types when handling plug-in menus
  • [FIXED] Bug with restoring columns width in Detailed view mode
  • [FIXED] IP logger: Crash of updated 2.79 version of NetView on Windows'XP
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: Increased stability
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: List-update mode bugs with manual search start
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: List-update mode bug with creating new preset (.sfl state file wasn't updated)
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: Only if sharename include wasn't work with FTP
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: Filepath filters were not work
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: Columns width was not saved with preset
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: Sort by filesize
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: Sometimes KillCopy and Ping buttons weren't work correctly
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: Error with fileseize of FTP:// files
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: Autosearch was not initiated by timer if hours or minutes was 0
  • [FIXED] NetSearcher: default.sfl was deleted every time when NetSearcher window closed
  • [FIXED] NetWatcher: Some fixes for Win'9x
  • [FIXED] Network scaner: Bugs with Add selected to hostlist
  • [ADDED] Can be installed as service unser Windows 2000/XP/2003. Go to Preferences window to adjust this mode
  • [ADDED] NVAPI.DLL for accessing started NetView. Installed in system folder
  • [ADDED] Borland Delphi and C++ Builder component for accessing running NetView, can be found in borland_api.zip file
  • [ADDED] Visible in visual map only host's option. Hide hosts without IPs in list was removed from Preferences
  • [ADDED] Minimap for visual map/plan - for easy navigating of large visual maps
  • [ADDED] Undo for visual map objects moving
  • [ADDED] Option of low priority on first load - for smooth loading 
  • [ADDED] Option of disabling backing up of hostlist file on every start - for faster startup when hostlist information is not important
  • [ADDED] General scripts for general NetView events and controlling. Supersedes old Scripter plug-in. Can be adjusted in Preferences window
  • [ADDED] New visual map lines property - Pseudo 3D, (have sense only for lines >5 pixels width)
  • [ADDED] New visual map lines property - Directed, (have sense only for lines >5 pixels width)
  • [ADDED] Possibility of adding\deleting line's nodes
  • [ADDED] Possibility of selecting some lines and editing theirs properties at once
  • [ADDED] Hosts linkages - you can specify for host some other hosts, on state of wich host's state will depend: if at least one host in linkage list is online than this host will be online too, if all hosts from linkages are offline than this host will be offline. Note that linkages works only when host have disabled usual recheck
  • [ADDED] Some additional commands for host;s doublick: edit, recheck, retrace, exec:, hostmsg:
  • [ADDED] Scripts editor-IDE
  • [ADDED] Now can scan up to 8 different ports. Ports must be divided by ;. Scan result after recheck is stored into metavariable "scan"
  • [ADDED] Windows switchbar'а position changing
  • [ADDED] Visual map host's images can be in .GIF format. GIF-animation is supported
  • [ADDED] Now it is possible to change maximum visual map host image size.
  • [ADDED] Visual map can be scrolled by pressing middle mouse button. Two types of scroll allowed and can be changed in Preferences
  • [ADDED] Port scan recheck with using of RAW sockets, allowed in Windows 2000 and higher and accessible under Administrator account. Using of RAW sockets greatly decreases usage of system resources. Can be enabled in Preferences window
  • [ADDED] NetView can now listen network for all IP packets, and if IP packed received from host that was in offline state after last global recheck then NetView initiate this host's recheck. Recheck can be initiated only one time for every host after global recheck.
  • [ADDED] Auto-authorization now can be adjusted. In past NetView tried to authirize on remote system under random username, now you can specify username in Preferences window or even disable this feature specifin here empty username
  • [ADDED] Now you can specify in what workgroups NetView should search for new hosts during refresh operation.
  • [ADDED] If list window was invisible when hostlist saved then on next hostlist load it will bi automatically hided
  • [ADDED] NetScaner: UDP scan
  • [ADDED] NetScaner: Last/remaining scan time
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Now you can specify in wildcards ? charachter
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: New method of filelist generation - by templates
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Option of autoimport hosts from hostlist before search starts
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Scripting 
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Additional option in List-update mode - scaning filelist after seacrh finished for files, that are already not accessible on successfully scanned hosts and deleting them from filelist
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Additional option Force auto-authorization - use if if NetView running as service and can't scan some hosts by NetBios
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: View filelist as tree
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: Possibility to maximize filelist on all area of NetSearcher's window
  • [ADDED] NetSearcher: HostTable sorting
  • [ADDED] NetWatcher: Option Hide additional info in active
  • [ADDED] NetWatcher: Option Don't use hostlist
  • [ADDED] NetWatcher: Option Don't show opened pipes
  • [ADDED] ShareScaner: Autostart scan by timer, the same as in NetSearcher
  • [ADDED] NetMessanger: Possibility of changing message sending method and possibility of receiving messages under NT. 
  • [ADDED] Port listener: You can adjust CPU usage by Listener. Practically this options sets minimum connects delay from 0 to 500 msec. Some optimization of Port listener code
  • [ADDED] Port listener: Per-host connections limits. Prevents DoS'ing of PortListener's services
  • [ADDED] Trace route: new traceroute method - by TCP SYN packes with set TTL
  • [ADDED] Terminal: new script WhoIs.nvs - for getting information about IPs or hostnames using WhoIs servers
  • [CHANGED] Scripts files are now placed in different folders in NetView\Scripts\
  • [CHANGED] Static entry option algorithm changed
  • [CHANGED] NetSearcher: By pressing Stop button while seacrhing filelist will not be saved automatically
  • [CHANGED] NetSearcher: Filelist state saved automatically after searchs correctly completed regards on Autosave filelist option
  • [CHANGED] NetSearcher: Case-insensitive filelist sort
  • [CHANGED] NetSearcher: Autocoping found files option is removed. It is better to do it from scripts
  • [CHANGED] NetSearcher: Quick reaction on pressing Stop button. By the way if search process stopped by Stop button then filelist state in list update mode will not be saved
  • [CHANGED] NetWatcher: Comparing list of opened files for list of opened shares by every user
  • [CHANGED] NetWatcher: Smaller CPU usage when many files opened
  • [CHANGED] Smaller GDI resources usage when many hosts in hostlist
  • [CHANGED] Faster metavariables access
  • [CHANGED] Charachters '#', '$', '\13', '\10' '\0' now can be freely used in metavariables
  • [CHANGED] Plug-in Alerter v1.7 now not reacts on hosts from skip-list
  • [CHANGED] FTP passive\active mode now can be adjusted for every host individually
  • [CHANGED] Visual map and plan textures now must be stored as texture.gif and texture_plan.gif files respectivly
  • [CHANGED] Visual map and plan textures now works only if IE4.0 or higher is installed
  • [CHANGED] Improovements of editing of Visual map objects
  • [CHANGED] Visual map/plan now exports in GIF fromat
  • [CHANGED] Visual map rendering now much faster
  • [CHANGED] Global recheck interval now must be specified in seconds